Thursday, June 23, 2011

Raspberry and Lemon Butter Cream Birthday Cake!

Today is one of my very dear friends birthdays! She is a big Hello Kitty fan and last year I made her this awesome Hello Kitty Birthday cake, definitely one of the best cakes I have made to date!
However, this years cake may have it beat! It was so yummy and I must say very well done, in both taste and decoration-- hee hee. I am becoming quite the professional! ha

I got the idea for this cake after buying a Betty Crocker Dessert cookbook last weekend. I changed the recipe up a little though. I did use white cake mix and added in 6 tablespoons of raspberry preserves in the batter. Now that is not what it called for, but in my excitement to make the cake last night, I did not read the directions clearly! oops! But it turned out in my favor as the cake has a hint of raspberry now! For the butter cream, I used a basic butter cream recipe, but added only 2.5 cups of powdered sugar vs. 3. It also called for three tablespoons of lemon juice ( I used fresh lemon) and two teaspoons of lemon peel. I also added about a tablespoon of whipping cream to make it light and fluffy!

In between the layers I added in fresh raspberries and the lemon butter cream. Delish! The cake was nice and light and I must say adding in fresh fruit really made it! I know Heather was pretty pumped, as you can see below!
And the funniest part of it all was that my aunt Claire was only in charge of the candle, and here is what that looked like!HA

Now, obviously we know that Heather is not four, but I must say she sure does have the energy of someone that age - hee hee ;)
Overall, it was a great lunch with fabulous friends and delicious cake- thumbs up if you ask me! So Happy Birthday again Heather!!!! love you xoxo- Enjoy!

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