Friday, June 3, 2011

Chickadee's Cafe on Elizabeth Ave.

I just got back from Chickadee's Cafe over on Elizabeth Ave, with my aunt and friend Marsha. For those of you who recall Dickadee's Deli that was over on East, these are the same owners! It is located right next to the Visualite. It is super cute, with great art work on the walls. Most all the tables were packed and lots of people coming in for to go orders as well. Everything that past our table looked delish! I decided to get the "Rachel" which is a Turkey Ruben, but I substituted kraut for was super yummy. They have several different sides to choose from, but i got the homemade chips. My aunt got something that Dickadee's had on their menu - the "Turkumber" I think that is how you spell it, but basically Turkey and Cucumber with a killer dill mayo and Marsha had a piled high BLT. Everyone was very happy with their meals. I will go back for sure...esp with a bill like the one below!!! 8 Bucks for lunch! Can't beat it with food that good!
So if you have not been, you must check it out! Enjoy-

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