Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Family Dinner Night!

This past weekend I stayed with my two cousins, as my aunt and uncle were out of town attending a wedding. We ate out mostly, but Saturday night was family dinner night! Knowing that the kids can be picky eaters, I needed to stick to the basics, however it had to still be something yummy. My aunt had left chicken breasts, potatoes and had some broccoli in the fridge, so there we had it. I must say I think I turned it in to quite the meal!
I roasted the potatoes and seasoned them with one of my all time favorite blends!
Johnny's Garlic Spread, a staple in my house. It is great on just about anything!
The rest of the meal was quite simple to make, just pounded out the chicken into cutlets and breaded and fried them, then steamed some broccoli and ta da, a fantastic meal for all to enjoy!
Oh and I forgot, I added a mixture of fresh ripe tomato, a bit of fresh basil, minced up a clove of garlic and olive oil to my dish, for a little added flavor:)

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