Thursday, February 24, 2011

Crab Cakes, Birthday's & Packages!

So last night, I, for the second time attempted to make crab cakes, well I shouldn't say attempted, as I did make them, but this time not as good as the last. I think they needed more bread crumbs. They actually are quite tasty. I also made a new recipe from Cooking Light this week, I must say it was killer. It was a baked pasta dish with tomatoes, rosemary, sauteed onions and cheese; recipe below and I will make that again for sure.
But those two things were not the highlight of this week or this day really. Today is my mom's birthday, so that is a highlight in my mind, as she is a huge part of my life and I love birthdays in general! The second highlight of my day was receiving a package in the mail from Amazon!! I have decided that I want to start learning more about cake decorating and am planning on taking classes at a local Michael's Craft Store- which I have read great reviews about and you can't beat the deal- 4 classes 2 hours each for 22 bucks! Now that is a bargain! So I am one step ahead of the game, as I ordered the Wilton Cake Decorating Book and am so ready to make a cake! Too bad my mom lives in NY:( The second thing I got in my package was the Cake Boss book and let me tell you, I am dying to read it! I love the show, so hoping the book is just as good.
Side note highlight included talking to a co- worker in the UK, love the accent and found out he used to be a photographer! I am actually taking photography classes now, so it was interesting to hear him talk about his passion. Found out that taking pictures of food is one of the highest paying pictures to take -- good to know!Looks like you will be seeing pics of my cakes and meals starting soon;)
So here are the recipes, hope you enjoy!
Baked Pasta with Spinach, Lemon, and Cheese - Just an FYI, I added in rosemary and tomato to spice it up a bit!
The crab cakes I made with Phillips Crab Claw meat and followed the recipe on the can. However I did add in diced red bell pepper, some Cajun spice and green onion to taste. The Phillips Site looks to have some great recipes as well!
Til next time -M

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First time ever blogging....

So for a while now people have told me, well really only one person has told me, that I should blog! I guess I should start by saying I am a talker, I love to talk about any and everythying! I am passionate about a lot of things, but mostly, family, food, finding good deals and sharing my stories! This blog will mostly be about all of those things. This way, all my friends and family and potential followers can read when they want and not have to listen to me ramble on and on about things. I love sending out emails about what is happening in town, what new places are opening, closing and most of all have good deals! I would not say I am cheap, I am just someone who would prefer to spend my money and time doing the things I like! Nothing wrong with that right?? So now, with this blog, I can get out all my talking and not drive everyone crazy!

Now I am new to this, so it may start off lame, but knowing me, it will get better as I go along!
So I hope you enjoy, as I know I will!