Wednesday, January 25, 2012

e2 Emeril's Eatery Review!

Last week I got a very exciting email inviting me to the practice dinner at Chef Emeril Lagasses's new restaurant, e2-emeril's eatery! I had no idea how I got the email, but was extremely pumped, as I am a big fan and I love trying out new places! I RSVP'd immediately for myself and a guest!!

Our reservation was for Monday night at 7:30pm! When we got there the place already had a pretty big crowd. Now I will say upfront, my pictures DID NOT come out the way I would have liked and I was super disappointed about that as they do not do the food or the ambiance the justice it deserves! The front area of the restaurant is filled with tables and a nice size bar area...once you pass through that, you are into a larger dining room and area where you can sit and watch the chef's prepare meals! It was very open, really nice decor, just an overall good vibe!
When our waitress came to the table she welcomed us and let us know we were able to pick anything from the menu and as much of it as we wanted! I was in heaven and kind of wished I had worn my sweat pants;) The menu has a lot to choose from (again my picture is not that great and unfortunately, I can't find the menu online yet)
So we started off with a cocktail, I had a glass of the house Cab and Josh had a vodka drink (as they were included as well!) They brought the MOST amazing bread to the table! I could have eaten 20 of these rolls! They were warm, slathered in butter and topped with sea salt, I felt like I was eating a pretzel, which are my favorite, so I loved them. They also give you corn muffins as well and they were quite tasty too!. For an appetizer we got the cheese plate and the chicken thigh and waffle!
Both were really good! The cheese selection was awesome, but to be honest, it would have been nice to have the option of having crackers with it. There were several soft cheeses on the plate and it could be easier to eat that way..but even without, we pretty much cleaned the plate! The chicken was really juicy and the skin was cooked to perfection!
For our meals, I got the Duck and Josh got the Prime Rib! We both asked for the purple sweet potatoes and he got roasted veggies as well with his meal.


The duck had amazing flavor, I really enjoyed it and the purple sweet potatoes were really tasty as well. It was the first time either one of us had tried them and we were both impressed. Josh must have really enjoyed his steak as before I knew it his plate was clean!

Now on to dessert! One would think, how could anyone put another bite of food in your mouth, but we somehow managed and there was no way on a night when we could order whatever we would like to not try the desserts!!! They had a great selection of coffee, teas and cordials, but we just stuck to the dessert! I got (and this might not be the exact title- but I can't find the menu) a warm boysenberry upside down cake, with brown butter ice cream- IT ROCKED!!!
The ice cream paired with the cake was super delish! Josh is a huge pecan pie fan, so he got the chocolate pecan pie!
The crust was so yummy! Actually the whole thing was! And although really chocolaty, it did not over power the taste of the pecan at all! So overall, this was a great dining experience. I am looking forward to going back and trying more things!! They have their official grand opening this Thursday, January 26! So if you are a fan of Emeril, or just a fan of food in general, it is somewhere I 100% recommend checking out!!! ENJOY!!

e2 emeril's eatery
135 Levine Avenue of the Arts, Ste. 100
Charlotte, North Carolina 28202
Phone: 704 414 4787
Monday - Thursday: 5pm - 10pm
Friday - Saturday: 5pm - 11pm
Sunday: Closed

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  1. Ah I'm jealous! Seems like several CLT food bloggers got the free meal invite! I need to move back. :)