Monday, May 2, 2011

Quick and Easy Appetizer- Caprese Salad with fresh Basil and Proscuitto along with a killer Banana Bread!

This past Friday I had one of my dear friends and co-workers over for dinner. She is very picky as she is on a diet and unfortunately is sticking too it, so carbs were pretty much out, but I think that was a good thing as I did have to make a dessert that was certainly not low fat!!!!
To start off I made a yummy caprese salad with prosciutto. Simple easy and lot of flavor! See below.
Now for dessert I found a recipe off of, one of my all time favorite sites! I had some super ripe bananas and was tired of making just a plain old  banana bread and I was also dying to use my grandma's bundt pan that was recently sent to me. So this is highly adapted from the  "Completely Delicious" blog. I did not use any orange and I also made it in the bundt pan. It turned out fantastic, the struesel topping was heaven! So thanks Completely Delicious!!!! So here are some pics! I hope you enjoy!

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