Tuesday, May 17, 2011

BBQ Chicken Leftover Idea!

Sunday night we had a family dinner and tons of left over Peach BBQ chicken! Since every Monday I go to my Aunts for yoga I told her we should make something with the leftover chicken. I had to share and so wish I had my camera last night as it was so good....and super simple to make. So if you are looking for an idea here it is!

Chop up leftover BBQ chicken, saute onions until caramelized, add in the chicken until warm....in a separate pan, heat up a tortilla, add in some cheese until melted and then the onion and chicken mixture-- and tada, a BBQ Chicken Quesadilla with caramelized onions and Cheddar cheese!! My aunt actually put her mixture in a bowl and added in avocado and it was really good as well. Hope you enjoy-

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