Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Quiche and Cookies...and new babies! ;)

This past Friday I had made a plan to go and visit my good friend Chelle to see her new little one Isabella! I of course thought all week about what I could make and of course taste on my visit with her as well;) I ended up deciding to make a quiche, salad and cookies, yum de lum!. After searching around on my favorite site http://www.foodgawker.com/ I found the quiche that looked delish and can you believe somewhat healthy. Most recipes for quiche call for several eggs and lots of heavy cream..but not this one! Thanks to the blog Lemon Drop, I found a fabulous recipe! I did change a few things though. One, I did do this in a premade pie crust so I could leave the leftovers with Chelle and her family, two, I added in tomatoes, goat cheese, rosemary and just topped with Swiss. It turned out super yummy, so yummy Chelle and I ate almost the whole quiche!

Now there was no way I could come without dessert, so as I was looking through some old recipes and trying to find these chocolate chip cookies, that although take hours to make, were so worth it, I ended up finding a recipe from Cooking Light! I again made a few changes by taking out the peanut and adding in white chocolate chips. They were super tasty and even better knowing they were not bad for us!

So overall it was a fantastic night with great food, great company and the cutest little girl ever:)

If you try any of the recipes, hope you enjoy and let me know what ya think-

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