Monday, March 21, 2011

Pumpkin Pancakes

Ok, so last week I made this oatmeal pumpkin breakfast bar, unfortunately it was not that great nor good enough to share...however, something good just came out of that extra can of pumpkin pie filling I had...PUMPKIN PANCAKES!!! Now if you like pumpkin and pancakes, I can't see how you would not like these. I was searching around for recipes, but all had the pancake mix homemade and being that it is 10pm, I wanted something yummy, but EASY! I am sure there are tons of spices, well I know there are, that could make these even tastier, but I really liked them just the way they are.
Basically I took two cups of pumpkin pie filling (what I had left from that breakfast thing)
two cups of pancake mix and added water til it was about the consistency of a pumpkin pie filling before it is baked.
Now I will say, this is a thick batter, and I would not put the heat up too high, as it will burn them before cooking all the way through. I made pretty big ones the first go round and then a little smaller and more spread out the rest of the way...I have to say, these have a great flavor for not adding anything but cinnamon sugar as my extra spice...So if you try them out, I hope you enjoy!
Oh and with size varying, this amount of batter made about 18 pancakes.


  1. Oooh! I love pumpkin, its one of my favorite vegetables, (are gourds a vegetable?). These pancakes sound quite tasty :)

  2. What a great idea, these pancakes sound wonderful. A good change for the fall. A little pumpkin pie spice might just be the thing to add and maybe some chocolate chips if you really want to get crazy!