Thursday, September 15, 2011

My trip to NYC- Great food, finds and fun!!

It has been quite a while since my last post, but don't worry, I have just been out of town so I have LOTS to catch up on...the first being my trip to NYC to see my friend Bill. I get to see Bill maybe once a year and I must say it is one of my favorite trips to take. I am from NY and try to get home a few times a year and when I do, the first thing on my list is to head into the city for a weekend of good times, lots of laughs and lots of cocktails and food with Bill;) This visit I actually went in both weekends I was home, so I wanted to share some of the yummy places we visited. All must sees if you ask me!
We started out on the Highline, which has become quite popular since it was opened. It is really a great place to walk around with amazing views as well. Not sure of the exact block, but at one point we decided to get off the highline and check out a new Biergarten that opened, filled with people, food trucks and if you can believe it an outdoor rollerskating rink! It was hysterical. We wanted to try it out, but after watching everyone fall, we realized we should stay outside the rink! Instead we got our ticket and hit the wine line, that's right wine at the Biergarten;)
For more on the highline, check out
Once we left there, we headed back towards Bill's place. He lives in Chelsea, fabulous area by the way! Our next stop was Cocoa V- a Vegan Chocolate Shop! For those of you who don't know DARK chocolate which is my fav, is all they have, I did not know it was vegan to be honest, at least that is what she told us! This place was super cute too!
One thing to note and they are thinking of changing this, they only take cash! So while Bill was headed to the ATM, I picked our mid day snack! Dark Chocolate Covered pretzel pieces, delish...oh and a bottle of wine!
This wine was AWESOME!!! So overall, Cocoa V gets a thumbs up from me! Great place to stop anytime of the day, you can never go wrong with wine and chocolate right!
So after Cocoa V we headed back to Bill's to freshen up as we were going to check out a rooftop bar and pool for more cocktails and I love visiting NY! Food and drinks all day long and you don't have to feel bad cause you walk everywhere! ha
Next, the rooftop bar and pool at the Dream Hotel! I think this is the first time I have ever seen a rooftop pool in NYC, and it was quite popular....well worth the visit, not only for the yummy pitcher of Sangria, but the food rocked the people watching by far was the best.

So overall this was a fantastic day and I was already ready to come back the following weekend for more fun!!


  1. I just read this and relived that day, amazing. Come back!!!!