Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mom's home cooked meals in NY!!

Being the foodie that I am one of my favorite things to do before I get home is talk to my mom about what food she is going to cook while I am there! This trip had loads of killer meals and I could not help but to share! Now my mom only eats once a day.... how, I have no idea, but it did not stop me from eating at least 3 times a day...even though her one meal is typically served at about 3-4pm...that just left me ready for something fabulous for dessert at about 7! They say you should not eat later than 8pm right!
One of my all time favs is my mom's homemade pizza. It is to DIE for! Simple, easy and unbelievable flavor...the key is fresh grated mozz and homemade sauce, YUM DE LUM!!!! At home I have always used a pizza stone, but my mom uses this pizza pan with holes at the bottom to get the crust just is now on my list of things to buy for sure, it makes a totally difference!
OMG, just looking at the pic again makes me want to go home right now and stuff my face! Oh and speaking of stuffing your face, we did that for eating the WHOLE PIE!!! Maybe this is why she only eats once a day!
One of my other favorite dishes, which I have actually been making since I have been back about once a week, is an avocado stuffed with shrimp salad. This has to be one of the easiest meals to make and it is very tasty!

I have to say the picture does not do it justice! I do have the recipe below though and you should totally try it out!

1 avocado sliced in half with pit removed
I would say per avocado you need about 15 shrimp (I usually get the frozen shrimp and just boil til ready)
One the shrimp has cooled off, cut them up into small pieces, add in a little mayo, ketchup and chopped red or white onion- not sure on exact measurements of this, but really just to your preference, I really put very little ketchup to be honest..
And that is it, simple as that! Scoop it into the middle of the avocado and enjoy...which I know you will;)

Another fav of mine is my mom's salad, really it is like a side salad, but we had it as a meal with some fresh bread and yummy homemade sangria!
This salad is super easy to make as well and again, something I make all the time!

Spinach ( I am sure you can use what you prefer, typically I don't ever buy spinach, but it really tastes fabulous with this)
Diced up red pepper
Diced up red onion
Grape tomatoes
Blue Cheese crumbles
Oil and Vinegar

Now, obviously being home for two weeks we ate way more than this, but these are three things I had to share. They are all super easy and really delish! So Enjoy-- and thanks mom for always making amazing meals!! xoxo

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