Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Recess Fest in NoDa- Aug 11-13th

Thanks to here are the details of the weekend! Looks fun! -Enjoy

Unbeatable deal on local music: Recess Fest (8/11/11 – 8/13/11)

Are you a grownup? Doesn’t it sometimes seem sort of, well, lame? What happened to summer vacations? What happened to RECESS?
Recess Fest to the rescue. All weekend, August 11th through August 13th, Charlotte’s third Recess Fest will help you to unleash your inner child and have fun. The fun includes 31 bands in venues all over the city, a festival of short films with the theme of “recess”, an Etch-a-Sketch art show, slip ‘n’ slides, water guns, The Gore Gore Luchadors (female wrestlers who grapple in an inflatable pool filled with “blood water” – all for charity) and more. In fact, this festival makes my own recess days pale in comparison. All we had was one of those red bouncy balls. And it usually needed air.
Headline performances include:
August 12th: Neighborhood Theatre: live music from Yardwork, Super Ape & Bakalao Stars with Junior Astronomers and Jason Ajemian & The HighLife (short film festival starts the evening.) $10
August 13th: Milestone Club: live music from Joan of Arc, Implodes, Blossoms, Moenda. $10
However, the festival includes live music at venues all over the city, including:
Common Market
Sewercide Mansion
Fuel Pizza (Central Ave)
Neighborhood Theatre
Nu Faizon
Snug Harbor
Lunchbox Records
Black Sheep
The Milestone
Weekend passes are available for $20. These passes get you into ALL the shows, including the two headline shows. You can buy them online, at Lunchbox Records, 1419-A Central Avenue (in Plaza Midwood,) or at Pura Vida Worldly Art, 3202a North Davidson Street (in NoDa.)

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