Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cupcrazed Cupcakes in Baxter Village- Fort Mill, SC

So a about a month ago I went to dinner with my friend Johnny and his friends from Buffalo Debbie and Sean. Debbie and I got to talking and I had mentioned my blog and she told me how she had been working with her sister in law at her...can you believe it "Cupcake Bakery". I was so excited to hear all about it and have even offered to intern for free to learn everything there is to know! Since then, I have been dying to check it out and tonight, my very very good friend Erin from college and I were getting together in Fort Mill for drinks, as her brother lives in York, SC. So this was my chance to check out the bakery!!!! Of course we had to start of with some cocktails, but my eye was on the time as I knew Cupcrazed closed at 8pm.....needless to say, we walked through the door at 5 til 8 and Debbie was still there, YAY!!! If you have not been, it is super cute!!!! But most importantly, the cupcakes ROCK!!!!!!
We ended up getting 6 but I got 4 and Erin took two as that is totally fair, right?!?! I mean how delish. Now we got there late and these were all that was left, but let me tell you after tasting them, that is right, I took a bite of each...I can't imagine what the "good ones" could be!!! These are DELISH!!!

Honestly, how can you top a fresh fried donut on TOP of a cupcake, I mean really...genius!!! Talk about low fat right;)

Each and everyone was so yummy, but if I had to pick, I would go with the donut topped cinnamon cupcake first, then the staple chocolate frosting, vanilla second, but all 4 were so good and I can't wait to see what Erin thought of hers...she got Red Velvet and Carrot cake, two of my all time favs. So if you have not been yet, you MUST check this place out! Super cute, super delish, a MUST See and taste!!! Enjoy!

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  1. Ha, that donut cupcake looks great!