Monday, April 4, 2011

Great Finds...

So this past weekend I was reading the April issue of InStyle Magazine. Towards the back I found some great little tips and trends and wanted to share!

For those of you who are on the go or are always in heels, or maybe just like to have all the essentials in your purse in case of emergencies, check these out! I went online this morning and think I am going to order a pair!

Also thought these little buttons were kind of cute...I always seem to never have a safety pin handy when trying to get rid of that extra cleavage ;) hee hee

So out of that page of gadgets, I thought those were two were sharing!

Oh and I am off to St. Thomas with my boyfriend this week! A much needed get away, that is for sure! So when I am back I will have lots of pics to share!
Til next time- M

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