Thursday, April 4, 2013

Reid's Fine Foods- Special Occasion Cooking Class for Two Review!

So a while back, February 9th to be exact;) my friend Kristen and I had signed up to take a cooking class at Reid's Fine Foods. We had come across a deal to take a cooking class about 6 months prior and finally got around to signing up for a class. Reid's holds cooking classes about once a month ranging from cooking for two to making cookies, seafood dishes and holiday themes. Needless to say, we were really looking forward to the class and did not have much insight into how they were held and what we would truly being doing. The new Reid's (newer location) is super nice, it has an amazing wine selection and tons of yummy prepared foods. When we arrived there were place settings all around the wine bar area. If I am not mistaken I would say there were about 20 or so people who were in the class. Once everyone arrived, the chef came out along with her assistant. She went into a little bit of her background which was pretty interesting to say the least, so we were really looking forward to the class. There were wine and water glasses in front of each person and who does not love a little wine tasting while trying new dishes! Now one thing I will say is that they do not post the menus of the class online beforehand. It was not a big deal to me as I eat just about anything, but my friend does not eat meat. Honestly though, it did not affect us having a great time, just more of a heads up to call if you have allergies/food limitations as I think they will accommodate. Also, this is not a hands on cooking class, the chef prepares each course for you.
The chef went through each of the items listed in the picture (menu/recipe handout) above, gave us tips and tricks and the recipes. Once each course was prepped and ready they brought out a generous tasting for all of us and then came the wine connoisseur! She was awesome, very knowledgeable of the wines and paired them well with each course! I unfortunately did not write down the wines, they were listed though in the recipe hand out we were given. (which I now can't find) but I am sure if I went in and said I was in that class they would know. The sparkling red wine served with the dessert was DELISH!!! Great price and super tasty. I left with the last bottle they had that day and I have to say almost everyone walked out with at least one or two bottles that had been served during the class.
Below are the first two courses that were served! I have to say the salad was bursting with flavor!
The Pork was just as delish, I loved the fig and cherry stuffing. Unfortunately, I ate the chocolate dessert before I could take a picture;)

So overall it was a great cooking class experience. The chef was awesome, the food tasty and the wine divine! I would totally recommend checking out the classes and just checking out Reid's in general if you have not stopped in. You will not be disappointed that is for sure!!
Reid's Fine Foods
Selwyn Corners
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Charlotte, NC 28209
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